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OSBS accepts unsolicited applications, however all Job Opportunities will be posted here. To apply for a posted position, applicants must go through the UF job site, https://jobs.ufl.edu/. Volunteer positions should contact OSBS directly regarding an interest.

Job Opportunities

Land Management Specialist (Conservation Sci/Forester II)

Job Description:

Conservation Management Duties

Including but not limited to:

  • Works under supervision of Land Manager on conservation projects that will primarily involve habitat restoration, groundcover harvesting, fire management, exotic invasive species control, and monitoring.
  • Serves as a fire crew member in the Station’s wildland fire management program on controlled fires and wildfires for the purpose of natural resource enhancement, restoration, fuel reduction, research, and training.
  • Participates in fire suppression activities that may require working a non-normal work schedule (infrequent)
  • Assist with off-site controlled burns with cooperators (ex: FL Park Service, SJRWMD, etc.).
  • Assists in preparation of management units for burning;
    • Assists with pre and post fire operation needs including preparing fire breaks, burn unit fuel treatments,pre and post-burn monitoring. 
    • Assists in maintaining fire equipment and fire cache in ready status; maintain clean and organized trucks, UTVs, ATVs and work areas.
  • Works alongside cooperators and contractors of OSBS when needed
  • Works with other Conservation program staff in scouting, documenting, and controlling of exotic-invasive species on OSBS.
  • Collects data on identified conservation projects and serves as a backup data collector on selected projects. Assist with monitoring natural communities for management needs and effects of management activities
  • Ensures proper implementation of restoration projects, forestry operations, and other activities through field supervision of contractors, volunteers, interns and direct participation

Operations Management Duties

Including but not limited to:

  • Maintains Station roads and fire breaks through mowing, trimming, disking, rolling, and grading.
  • Participates with other staff in maintaining Station equipment and building facilities.
  • Enforces OSBS and UF policies with Station visitors, including natural resources protection, in a tactful manner on the lands comprising OSBS. This part of the job requires regular patrol driving of Station. Contact with local law enforcement representatives may be required when dealing with trespassers. Scheduled patrolling on weekends will be required: 2-6 hrs./month. (See NORMAL WORK SCHEDULE section).
  • Prepares purchase requests and work order requests. 
  • Assist on outreach and education events and tours. Some events may also occur on weekends.
  • Remove & repair fencing.

Computer/Geospatial Duties

Including but not limited to:

  • Collects GPS data related to resource management and other identified needs.
  • Participates in mapping exotic-invasive species, insect/disease outbreaks, fire effects, timber harvesting, restoration, etc. and transferring into GIS
  • Assists Station users in use of Trimble GPS equipment and downloading GPS data when needed.
  • Ensures Trimble unit’s data are backed-up and updates GPS software periodically.
  • Enters data into spreadsheets, databases, and word documents

Other duties as determined by supervisor

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