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northeast florida ecological restoration team (ERT)

The Ordway-Swisher Biological Station has established a partnership with The Nature Conservancy to house their Northeast Florida Ecological Restoration Team (ERT). The four person team is highly trained and certified in wildland fire management following National Interagency Coordinating Group (NWCG) standards. They are also trained in exotic-invasive plant control techniques.

The ERT can assist and augment local site managers in the implementation of their resource management priorities. Local site managers are expected to provide the burn plan, own burn boss and minimum staff and equipment to accomplish projects. The geographic extent of where the team works is roughly from the north side of greater Orlando to the Georgia border, and includes the principal ridge systems straddling the St. Johns River.

The Team is available to assist with:

1. Fire Management: Planning, site preparation, conducting or assisting with Rx burn, and monitoring the results. Wildfire suppression assistance depending on the scope.

2. Invasive Plant Management: Scouting, treatment, and monitoring.

3. Restoration of Habitats: Controlling of unwanted vegetation, groundcover and overstory planting.

If your agency would like to use the ERT, please contact Parker Titus at 352.475.2300 and he can discuss with you what services they can provide.

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