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fee schedule

The Station has established a fee schedule for resources and services to help recoup some of the maintenance costs of these items. Availability of some items may be limited due to use by others, damage, or be under repair. The cost of equipment or facility damage repair or replacement will be the responsibility of the borrower. A fee reduction or waiver may be requested. Please provide a written request for a fee reduction or waiver along with your use application.

Fee schedule (pdf): DOWNLOAD

Research Use Fee
OSBS also has a research use fee based on Station use days/year. It is accessed against all approved research projects. Use of specific OSBS resources identified in the fee schedule are accessed separately.

    Fee Tier:
  • 0-20 days/year use and to maintain an active project - $50.00/year
  • 21-75 days/year use - $150/year
  • 76+ days - $250/year
  • Project needing to establish long-term use of the Station or installation of semi-permanent or permanent infrastructure may be subject to a different fee based on the level of use and impacts.


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