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common questions

What is needed in order to conduct research at OSBS?
We suggest that interested investigators contact the Station at 352.846.0576 to discuss their research interests and logistical needs. The next step is to download and submit a research application. Research applications are reviewed at the beginning of each month and may take up to two weeks or longer to review (depends on the proposed project). Once the application is approved, applicants will be contacted to discuss project initiation and to provide project packet.

Can Non-UF academic institutions and government agencies utilize OSBS for research?
Yes. OSBS has a long history of research use by other universities as well as government agencies. Private companies may also utilize OSBS, but copies of data and publications generated from work will be provided to OSBS.

What is needed in order to use the Station for teaching and training?
First time instructors visiting OSBS should contact the Station office at 352.846.0576 to discuss the proposed course use and logistical needs. The next step is to download and submit an education application. Instructions for submitting the application are noted at the top of the form. Instructors only need to complete the application process once for each course unless the course's use of OSBS is expected to change significantly. Returning courses should contact the Station at the beginning of the semester regarding scheduling their course use. Non-UF educational institutions are welcome to utilize the Station and should follow the same procedure as noted above.

Are there fees for using the Station?
Research projects are charged a use fee based on the number of days they visit OSBS. UF courses and K-12 courses are not charged for using OSBS. However all users are subject to the equipment and service fees. Project needing to establish long-term use of the Station or installation of semi-permanent or permanent infrastructure may be subject to a different fee based on the level of use and impacts. Fee waivers may be granted, but are at the discretion of the Station Director. Please see the fee schedule for a list of fees.

Why is the Station not directly open to the general public?
The Station is private land and managed as an outdoor laboratory to support academic research, teaching, and extension programs and not a public park or preserve. However, long-term goals are to develop a designated area so that the public may have access for education and extension purposes.

Can the public get involved in the Station?
In the near future we will be establishing an outreach program that will allow our neighbors and friends to come on tours and be involved in volunteer activities on the Station. Areas of volunteer work will be related to research, conservation work, and resource management.

Does the Station take injured or relocated animals?
We are not a wildlife rehabilitation center or zoological park and therefore do not accept injured or displaced wildlife. Because of the potential of introducing diseases into the wildlife and fish populations on the Station and therefore impacting research, we do not accept relocated animals. Please contact your local veterinarian for assistance.


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