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support osbs

Supporting the Station can help our conservation, research, and education programs. Your support will be important in the Station's ability to continue developing it's programs. For more information on how to help Ordway-Swisher through gifts, please visit the University of Florida Foundation's website. We also offer the option to give online directly to OSBS. Please visit our General Support Fund page.

A special invitation is extended to individuals, groups and companies in a position to make cumulative or one-time donations of $10,000 or more. If you’re interested in exploring this option please contact Stephen Coates, OSBS Associate Director. He will be happy to work closely with you to direct use of your contributions in ways that match your interests.

your support will help . . .

  • Help Station pristine land areas for future generations and helping maintain our cultural and biological heritage.
  • Conducting natural area inventories to help high quality natural communities, endangered plants and animals, and identifying their roles in the regional ecosystem.
  • Promoting appropriate management of natural habitats such as longleaf pine forests with native ground cover, pristine lakes, hardwood hammocks, and Florida wet prairies.
  • Preventing loss of rare and endangered plants and animals, and the natural systems that support them.
  • Wildlife techniques that maintain wildlife values, forest management and protection of important natural areas. 
  • Continuing ecological research on north Florida's unique wildlife. Such studies include assessing the population and habitat ecology of rare and endangered plants, song birds, endangered species such as the gopher tortoise, and game species such as wild turkey, wood duck, and white-tailed deer.
  • Informed and effective wildlife management based on reliable knowledge from applied long-term field research and experimentation.
  • Recognition of the need for development of innovative prescribed fire techniques in an increasingly urbanized region.
  • Studying the impacts from climate change across landscapes
  • Development of education programs for students, scientists, interested citizens, and resource management professionals in the private sector, and with government agencies. 
  • Hands-on experience through a variety of opportunities for college students. Demonstrations of prescribed burns that improve wildlife habitat, renew plant life, protect pine forests and control plant diseases.
  • The Station provides a safe controllable environment to train Florida's current and future natural resource professionals in fire ecology. 

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