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The climate of the Lakes Region of North Central Florida is humid subtropical. Summers are long, warm, and relatively humid. Winters are mild and relatively dry. Summer's average maximum daily temperature is 89'F with an average minimum daily temperature of 70`F. Winter's average maximum daily temperature is 67°F and the average minimum daily temperature is 40"F. The frequency of frost and freezing is greater in the western part of Putnam County than the eastern part, with temperatures of 32`F or lower occurring approximately 8 to 10 times per year. Prevailing winds are northerly in the winter and fall, and southerly in the spring and summer (Readle 1990).

The average yearly precipitation for Gainesville is 51.04 inches. Consistent rainfall data is available from 2001 for the station. The station has network of four meteorological stations, which each collect rainfall data. Over half of the precipitation in the area tends to fall during the months of June to September. Typically this rainfall is due to local showers and thunderstorm development. There is a weak second peak of rainfall during the spring. This is due to frontal activity which penetrates peninsular Florida during this time of year (Chen and Gerber 1990, Division of Hydrologic Data Services 1994, Motz, et al. 1991 and 1992, Yobbi, et al. 1979).

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