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Plant Communities

Map of FNAI Vegetation Communities at OSBS The diversity of communities at OSBS offers a wide array of habitats and organisms for study. A mosaic of 11 natural communities and 4 altered landcover types are found on the facility. The Florida Natural Areas Inventory classification (FNAI) classification system is used to define these communities. For more information on these communities and landscapes please visit the FNAI Guide to the Natural Communities of Florida - 2010 Edition.

FNAI Natural Communities

Basin Marsh Basin Marsh Basin Swamp Basin Swamp Baygall Baygall
Classic Upland Lake Classic Upland Lake Lake bottom Lake Bottom Mesic Hammock Mesic Hammock
Sandhill Sandhill Sandhill Upland Lake Sandhill Upland Lake Sinkhole Sinkhole
Scrubby Flatwoods Scrubby Flatwoods Xeric Hammock Xeric Hammock

FNAI Altered Landcover Types

Abandoned Field/Pasture Abandoned field/pasture Borrow Area Borrow Area Pine Plantation Pine Plantation
Successional Hardwood Forest Successional Hardwood Forest
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